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Welcome to this greatest opportunity of being renewed and converted into a better soul and fresh through 40 days revival prayer starting on 20 April to 30 May 2023

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Brief History of the church (Our roots)

It is a nonprofit organization that operates independently on any government typically established on purpose of preaching and proclaiming holy bible based prophecy, Otherwise, TRUE PROPHECY BIBLE CHURCH is global gospel church that intended to address issues concerning spiritual status and social welfare of the people, Additionally, Our organization is open to all Christians who will to serve The Almighty Lord regardless the Christian sects.

Brief History

True Prophecy Bible Church begun in Rwanda in 2016, and was founded by fifty people who were from different Christianity sects but commonly believe in Holy Trinity. Main founder of a group was a student at groupe scholaire officiele de butare Pastor Samson, whom the Holy Spirit commanded to found the local praying and evangelism group called ABARINZI B’INKIKE. with other three schoolmate that are David, Dieudonne, Joseth , Naphutal , encouraged and mobilized other colleagues to join the group for helping to pray in all ways of praying and begging , training and reading bible together as well .

In 2019, when almost of the member of ABARINZI B’INKIKE were done of their high school studies they kept praying and growing spiritually, and Holy Spirit requested them to expand the local group to the church. They started to pray for it to be led by the Lord. Due to the fact that the Holy Spirit was their supreme guider of this process of implementing the idea, undoubtedly they came to be successful on 6th, September 2019 where it was firstly inaugurated in Rwanda. From that day ABARINZI B’INKIKE praying group was officially and irreversibly transformed into global church called ‘’TRUE PROPHECY BIBLE CHURCH.’’


True Prophecy Bible Church exists to lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus and to help them grow to spiritual maturity so they are equipped for effective church in God’s kingdom


The vision of True Prophecy Bible Church is to reach its community with the Christian message of hope and to lead people into life-changing encounters with Jesus.

Our Mission

Preaching Holy Bible based prophecy and gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15)

Praying the lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest (Luke 10:2)

Healing the souls of the people who live in unpleasant sin life

Delivering people from family curses

Restoration of humanity and truthfulness in the world

suppressing racism, superiority and negative ideologies in the world

Rebuilding sustainable hope and vision to the people of unpleasant history

proclaiming Jesus Christ as king of peace in the world

Addressing and recalling people what they were created for in Jesus Christ

Making youths for Christ



There is one eternal God who is creator, sustainer, and redeemer, who exists in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is at work in the world to redeem creation and to establish eternal kingdom.

The Bible

The Bible is uniquely inspired by God as a revelation of his purpose and will, consequently it is inerrant in all it teaches, entirely trustworthy and of authority in all matters of faith and practice.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Redeemer for all of humanity. He is fully God and fully human, he was born of a virgin and as a man lived a life of perfect obedience to God. His substitutionary sacrifice, his bodily resurrection and his ascension atoned for our sins and accomplished our salvation.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit indwells the church corporately and every believer individually, equipping them with gifts for service and is present to guide them individually and corporately, to comfort, transforms and empower.

Sin and Salvation

Each member of the human race is created in the image of God to live in love and holiness. But every person is also tainted and damaged by sin and is accountable to God's righteous judgment. Salvation is God's gracious gift; those who repent and believe are “in Christ”. Their salvation is founded on the merits of Christ and is reflected in lives that are holy and pleasing to him.

The Church

The Church universal is composed of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. The local church is composed of believers in a locality who gather regularly in Christ's name for worship, prayer, fellowship, instruction and to reach out to their communities, bringing the values of heaven to earth and making disciples of all nations.

Baptism and Communion

There are two ordinances which our Lord requires: baptism of believers in Christ signifying new life and devotion to him as Savior and Lord; and communion as a primary ongoing expression of remembrance and thanksgiving for the atoning death and resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

The Return of Christ

The promise of the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ is a source of joy and hope to his people. The Kingdom of God which has already begun will reach its fulfillment when Jesus returns in power and great glory to reign forever and ever. His return will consummate his kingdom of peace and fulfill the promises made to Israel and the church. Everyone will be accountable to him on that day when he brings about righteous judgment on all who have ever lived. This truth is an ongoing incentive to holy living and faithful service for every believer


  • We believe in a high view of God where His greatness permeates all of life. Such a perspective brings joy and freedom and will preserve us from pettiness and small thinking. Therefore we will promote and encourage an intimate and growing relationship with Jesus.
  • We believe that lost people matter to God. Therefore we will involve ourselves in the lives of others with a view to the extension of God’s kingdom on earth.
  • We believe that “heart change” leads to “life change” and this happens from the perspective of grace rather than in the pursuit of obedience to rules and regulations. We will therefore work to create an atmosphere of grace and acceptance in all that we do
  • We believe that true community is what God intended for His church and is best achieved in small groups. Therefore we will strive to make True Prophecy Bible Church a relationship driven Church and make the life-group church an integral part of the programming.
  • We believe in the priority of worship and the joyful, contemporary celebration of our faith. Therefore humor and laughter will flavor our church and programs and we will provide opportunities for people to connect with God in celebrative worship and do regular “heart checks” through communion.
  • We believe that men and women were created uniquely by God and that each person is gifted to serve the Body of Christ. Therefore we will strive to ensure that their roles within the church are based on spiritual giftedness rather than gender.
  • We believe the Bible is authoritative, culturally relevant and life-changing when it is taught in a Spirit-anointed way. Therefore we will strive for relevance and the Spirit's power in our teaching program.
  • We believe in passing the torch of faith to the next generation. Therefore we will place a high priority on equipping and involving our youth in all areas of the activities of the church.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit has gifted every believer for the church. Therefore we will establish programs for people to discover their spiritual gifts and will provide opportunities to serve in their areas of giftedness.
  • We believe in “teamwork” in all areas of the church. We will therefore consider each church team as an opportunity to stretch individuals towards spiritual maturity.
  • Holy Spirit is our best guide
  • Loving brotherhood firstly
  • Giving soul health care is our priority
  • Being Righteous and honest server
  • Jesus Christ is our best role mode


Wrong prophecy is foolishness

Denying living word of God Is Condemning way

Jesus Christ‘s blood and his cross is incomparable to the other living blood.

God ‘s gift is not sale

We never need any human abilities to serve the lord, Only Gods.

Never judge people‘s sins or faith but bearing fruits


Church discipline is the responsibility of the Leadership Team and is only considered when a member persists in pursuing a sinful path and refuses to work on restoration and fellowship. The objective of the church discipline is to help bring about restoration, fellowship with God and a renewal of a loving and joyful fellowship within the local body of Christians. Any disciplinary action would be taken only after due pastoral care, enquiry and prayer. The process would include the following:

Investigation to collect the facts

Interaction to seek acknowledgement and repentance

Reconciliation and celebration

Issues that may require some kind of disciplinary action, when all attempts at restoration have failed, are as follows:

A violation of Christian love (Matthew 18:15-17)

A violation of Christian unity. (Romans 16:17)

A violation of Christian morality. (1 Corinthians 5:1-13)

A violation of Christian doctrine. (2 John 7-11) In matters of serious violations, the Leadership Team may ask the individual to step aside from Church activities or even to stop attending services of the church for a period of time.


Biblical concepts of membership.

We recognize that all persons who know Jesus as Saviour are added to the universal church which is the Bride of Christ. There is, however, evidence that the New Testament recognized definable groups of people in local areas that came together for fellowship. This local body of believers was a microcosm of the universal church. In Acts 2:41-42 the pattern for the early church that met at Jerusalem seemed to involve an “adding” to the church. The “adding” was based on their acknowledgement of their faith in Christ.

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